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Bug Alert v1.0.0!


v1.0.0 contains a relatively serious issue affecting Parking and the Polarscope Alignment features. Due to a change in the way certain coordinates are stored between v0.0.6 and v1.0.0, Polarscope calibration and Parking/Unparking may not work correctly and may cause your mount to slew in an unpredictable manner. This will only cause a problem if your mount is parked using v0.0.6 and you try to unpark with v1.0.0, or you try to use the polar alignment feature without recalibrating.

To workaround the issue, please do the following:

1.  Before using the Polar Alignment feature, be sure to perform the calibration step again, even if EQMac says that it is already calibrated. You just need to do this one time to avoid the problem.

2.  Before using v1.0.0, make sure your mount is UNPARKED using v0.0.6. Quit v0.0.6 leaving your mount UNPARKED. You should then be able to start v1.0.0 and park/unpark normally.

I will be releasing an update to address this issue so that the workarounds are not necessary.