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EQMac v2.0.0 beta3

2.0.0 beta3

Beta3 fixes a bug that was preventing the app from running on earlier versions of OS X.

It also enables the pointing model feature which was disabled in earlier beta versions.

EQMac v2.0.0 beta2

2.0.0 beta2

This release fixes a bug preventing connection with third party software such as Sky Safari.

Also in this release, the software will automatically check for updates and alert you if there is a new version available. You can also invoke this functionality manually using the EQMac menu item Check for updates...

Finally, a couple of new commands have been added to the LX200 emulation to support some other projects needing additional features. Specifically, EQMac will now support park and unpark commands as well as allow the site latitude and longitude to be set (overriding the user preferred site). Since the LX200 standard does not appear to provide an unpark command, this has been implemented as :hU#.

EQMac v2.0.0 beta1


Rewrite of the backend to allow support for multiple ways of connecting to the mount.

EQMac v1.3.2 beta1


This BETA release of EQMac fixes a few bugs and introduces a meridian flip feature. Bugs fixed include:

Gamepad Configuration - Now detects previously problematic gamepads. Gamepad cannot be used to control things while the UI is in a disabled state (i.e. when parked or mount is offline). Slew rate adjustment no longer loops when pressing the buttons, it will just stop at the minimum or maximum so you don't accidentally set a high speed when you meant to have the lowest. When you attach and remove a gamepad, a small icon is now displayed at the bottom of the main UI window. Thanks to the people that have helped me with testing this particular aspect - much appreciated!

Sky Safari - When Sky Safari and other applications control EQMac via the LX200 wireless interface, there was a bug where EQMac would just crash for no apparent reason after some time. I've completely replaced the TCP/IP library I had been using with something a lot simpler. I have not yet seen a crash, but that does not mean the problem is gone. However, I am reasonably confident that replacing the TCP/IP library will have done the trick because the crash dumps always indicated some problem in the middle of that code. If you do experience a crash, please send in your crash dumps so I can continue to monitor this.

DEC Axis - While testing the Sky Safari interface, I noticed that the North and South buttons would move the mount the wrong way (i.e. the movement is inverted). Given that DEC axis slew buttons are somewhat ambiguous (they should technically behave differently depending on which side of the pole the DEC axis has been moved to), this should not present people with too much of an issue. However, if someone feels strongly that the behaviour should be different, send me a message and we'll see what can be done about it.

3-Point Alignment - Removed this feature for the time being. It hasn't been working well for me and I need more time to sort it out.

Finally there is the addition of a new feature - Meridian Flip. You'll notice a new button for this on the toolbar. Click the button and the mount will flip to the opposite side. However, take care with this because if limits are disabled, this could cause your scope to crash into the mount. If limits are enabled, EQMac will refuse to flip if the new position would be outside defined limits. With this feature, I've also enabled the meridian flip option for when the RA limit is reached during tracking. If you have sufficient Sync points defined, then the system should be capable of automatically performing a meridian flip and continuing to track once the RA limit is reached.

EQMac v1.3.1


I am pleased to release an update to EQMac that fixes several bugs and provides access to the new 3-point star alignment algorithms. Bugs fixed in this release are:

  • Gamepad configuration now working once again
  • Sky chart map rotation works correctly (not sure when this was introduced, but stars and other objects would rotate in opposite direction)
  • Fixed a bug where slewing would stop prematurely if you had PHD guiding enabled (guide pulses would somehow interrupt the slew)

Features added:

  • Enable selection of bluetooth serial ports
  • Add check box to Star Alignment manager to enable or disable 3-point alignment algorithms

EQMac v1.3.0


This release includes:

  • Polarscope LED Brightness Setting (if mount supports this)
  • Sky Chart remembers settings between sessions
  • New Star Alignment window for managing Sync Points

As always, please let me know if you discover any issues. If you do, you can always revert to the previous version if they affect critical operation of the software.

EQMac v1.2.1


This version fixes a long-standing issue that affected older Intel CPUs, such as those in 4-5 year old MacBookPros. I have also added a crash reporter that will send me a crash log on startup if you elect to report the problem to me.

EQMac v1.2.0


This release of EQMac provides the following updates:

  • Fixes a possible connectivity bug when interfacing with Sky Safari or other applications.
  • Adds the ability to define custom mount positions and select which position to use for Park/Unpark (see Park Preferences).
  • Will preserve sync data between sessions provided that you park the mount before closing EQMac. When you start the next session EQMac will ask whether you want to load the previous sync data, or discard it and start again. A future release will allow you to have multiple sets of sync data and make things a little more flexible here.

EQMac v1.1.0 (beta)

1.1.0 (beta)

This release adds the following new features:

  • USB Gamepad support
  • LX200 emulation via TCP/IP connection
  • SkySafari (Mac/iPad/iPhone) integration
  • Equinox Pro integration
  • StarMap (iPhone/iPad) integration

EQMac v1.0.3


This update fixes a few cases that could possibly result in crashes or other problems when using EQMac. If you have been experiencing problems with EQMac communicating with your mount (LED stays yellow, for example), then this update might fix your problems.

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