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EQMac v0.0.6 Released!

Over the past while I have been working simultaneously on several different features within EQMac without managing to complete any single one. As we've not had an update for a while now, I thought it was time that I finished at least one of them off sufficiently so that I could produce a new release. The closest thing to being ready was my update to the Star Map window, which adds a boost in functionality and hopefully general usefulness. I have also given the main window a bit of a cleanup - I think it looks a lot smarter now. I will be aiming to update the screenshots of these windows and add some related documentation soon.

Things that I have on the go, but which did not make it into this release are:

  • (Wireless) Gamepad support for slew control
  • Mount Limits (RA, Horizon)
  • Limit Behaviours (Stop, Park, Automatic Meridian Flip)

I would like to get all of these features released as soon as I can. However, I do not think time will permit everything to be completed for the next release. Therefore, I will aim to complete the Mount Limits feature next as this is likely to be of use to imagers and I've had at least a couple of requests for that recently. I am hoping to test the Limits feature this towards the end of October, so perhaps we can hope for the next release sometime in early November.