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EQMac v1.1.0 Beta Release

This update adds a couple of exciting new features. Firstly, I have finally finished enough of the Gamepad module that it can be usefully released. This will enable you to plug in a USB gamepad and configure functions for each of the buttons and joysticks. Once calibrated, it will make the task of slewing the mount while looking through the eyepiece much easier! The major new feature though, is the provision of an LX200 protocol emulation over an IP connection. This allows you to integrate with any planetarium application that understands the Meade LX200 protocol and can communicate over an IP link. I have tested this with Sky Safari Pro v1.1.1, Equinox Pro, Sky Safari on the iPad and iPhone 4, and StarMap Pro on the iPad and iPhone. Currently it supports slewing to targets, syncing (alignment), and manual adjustment slews.

This release is considered BETA quality at this point. It should work for for you without too many problems, but if you do experience issues, please let me know so that I can correct them. Mainly the release is beta because I may need to make a few changes to the way the new features operate. If you feel they don't quite work as expected, let me know what needs changing and I'll try to cater for your needs in the final release of this version.