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EQMac v1.2.0 Released!

This release of EQMac provides the following updates:

  • Fixes a possible connectivity bug when interfacing with Sky Safari or other applications.
  • Adds the ability to define custom mount positions and select which position to use for Park/Unpark (see Park Preferences).
  • Will preserve sync data between sessions provided that you park the mount before closing EQMac. When you start the next session EQMac will ask whether you want to load the previous sync data, or discard it and start again. A future release will allow you to have multiple sets of sync data and make things a little more flexible here.

As ever, if you experience any issues with this release, please don't hesitate to let me know. It is entirely possible that if you're having problems, I might not be aware of the issue. So if you don't let me know, it probably won't be fixed. For example, the connectivity bug fixed in this release was only brought to my attention by a user and I was able to fix it a day or so later. Had it not been reported, it would probably still exist in this release. So thank you to that user!