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EQMac v1.3.0 Released!

I finally managed to get some testing done on the next version of EQMac at the weekend. Most things are working fine, but unfortunately the 3-point alignment has a way to go yet. I've also found that it would be beneficial to add some backlash compensation to get more accurate slews. So I've decided to release with what is working. New features include a sync point manager window where you can manage your sync points (delete them, choose which ones are active, view them on a sky map). You can also choose to filter them based on slew target so that only points on the same side of the meridian are considered, for example. The sky chart will finally remember your settings so you don't need to set it up each time. And also I've added a feature to detect whether your mount can dim the polarscope LED (if it has one). If it can, you'll find a control to set the polarscope brightness has been enabled.