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Gamepad Troubleshooting

If you have been having problems getting your gamepad to work, I've put together a simple app to detect all of the human interface devices attached to your system and dump out basic information about each one. If you are able to send that information to me, I'll be able to check why your gamepad doesn't work and build support into a future version of EQMac. Here is what you'll need to do:

First, download this application (right click - Download or Save Linked File As... - Save it to your home folder):  gamepad_detect

You may be asked to save the file with a .txt file type, and if you delete that, it might save it with that anyway. Once you've saved it, open a Finder window and go to your home folder, find where it was saved and rename it so that it doesn't have any special ending at all. It should just be named "gamepad_detect". It is not an application that can be run by double clicking. You need to run this from the command line.

Second, make sure your Gamepad device is attached to your Mac.

Third, run the Terminal app to give you a command prompt.

Enter these commands in the Terminal window:

chmod 755 ~/gamepad_detect
~/gamepad_detect > ~/gamepad.txt

The first of these commands makes the downloaded file executable so that run can actually run it. The second command runs the application and stores its output in a file called "gamepad.txt" in your home folder. You should be able to see this in Finder and if you double click it, it should open up in TextEdit for you to see.

It should contain a pile of information about various devices attached to your Mac, including keyboards, mice, trackpads, and hopefully your Gamepad, which is what I'm actually interested in. Try to find the section that corresponds to your device, which you should be able to see by the name and manufacturer data.

The output can be somewhat cryptic, but if you can copy and paste either the whole file, or just the section about your gamepad into an email to me (use the Contact form on the EQMac site), I will hopefully be able to get your device working.