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Mount Limits

Here are a couple of screenshots showing the configuration areas for the Mount Limits feature.

You can set both RA and Horizon-based limits. Both limits will determine when the mount should stop tracking and will determine whether a slew is possible.

As you can see, it is possible to set the desired behaviour when one of the limits is reached during tracking. This will hopefully mean that you can leave the mount unattended during the night and not worry about it crashing into the tripod / pier.

Finally, for the imagers, it is possible to set an option that produces more intelligent slewing so as to maximise tracking time without needing a meridian flip. This is most useful, for example, when imaging an object that has yet to transit the meridian. The mount will be able to slew counterweights up (provided this is within configured limits) so that a meridian flip will not be required on transit. Instead the mount will track continuously, probably until the object sets.