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Having completed most of the coding for the Mount Limits feature, I have decided that to integrate it in an excellent way (as opposed to a not so great way), it would be necessary to refactor some of the low-level mount driver routines. This has now been done, but it means that the rest of the software now needs to be reworked to use the newer low-level driver. This is taking some time and is the reason for the delay is releasing the Mount Limits feature. The added benefit of doing this rework is that I will finally be able to fix some long standing issues, such as not being able to correctly perform an emergency stop in the middle of a slew. In addition, the software should be more responsive and will allow concurrency between the axes. For example, when stopping both axes, the software had to wait for the RA axis to stop, then wait for the DEC axis. These type of things can now occur in parallel, which makes more sense because the mount hardware fundamentally supports this.
So, I just wanted to provide a brief update to let you know what is happening. I'm trying to work through the necessary changes, but I've also been busy at work lately, so it is taking longer than expected. For this reason, I wouldn't like to speculate about when I may be able to do the next release, but I really hope I will manage it soon. Since it is quite an extensive set of changes, I will probably move to v1.0.0 for the next release.