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EQMac v2.x - DO NOT USE!

I have been working on some updates to EQMac over the Christmas break (yay finally!) and unfortunately I have discovered a number of serious faults with EQMac v2.x. By far the worst of these is a bug to do with date computation that impacts the calculation of Local Sidereal Time (LST), which in turn is needed for practically every positioning calculation that the application makes. I am not sure how much of an impact it makes, but at least during the month of January, the application may completely misbehave. Therefore, I would suggest that those of you still using this application revert back to the last version in the 1.x series. I will post more news if and when I have managed to correct and properly test the issues that I have found.


Thats for the heads up - am just getting back into astroimaging again after a spell timelapsing, I'll go back to 1.3.2