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This site is the home for the EQMac software, designed to control Skywatcher and certain Atlas equatorial mounts directly from your Mac. Here you will find some basic guides on configuring and using the software, as well as downloads.

If you have any requests, questions, or comments about the software, please use the contact form in the menu, or you can find me on Stargazers' Lounge as OzDave.

Christmas Update

As Christmas approaches, I am able to take some holidays and I've already been spending some time getting the next version of EQMac into shape. The new "limits" feature is working pretty well so far, although I've not tackled meridian flips just yet. I've also completed most of the re-factoring that I mentioned on my last update. The task now is for me to give things a thorough test because a lot of things have changed internally and so I don't want to break anything that was working. I plan to work on this over the festive break and get everything tested and verified once again.


Having completed most of the coding for the Mount Limits feature, I have decided that to integrate it in an excellent way (as opposed to a not so great way), it would be necessary to refactor some of the low-level mount driver routines. This has now been done, but it means that the rest of the software now needs to be reworked to use the newer low-level driver. This is taking some time and is the reason for the delay is releasing the Mount Limits feature.

Mount Limits

Here are a couple of screenshots showing the configuration areas for the Mount Limits feature.

You can set both RA and Horizon-based limits. Both limits will determine when the mount should stop tracking and will determine whether a slew is possible.

Screenshots Updated

I have updated the screenshots for the main window and the Sky Chart to reflect the changes in v0.0.6. I have also updated the accompanying text which provides some degree of documentation about features shown / provided in these windows. Please have a look as you may find features such as the Search facility difficult to use otherwise.

EQMac v0.0.6 Released!

Over the past while I have been working simultaneously on several different features within EQMac without managing to complete any single one. As we've not had an update for a while now, I thought it was time that I finished at least one of them off sufficiently so that I could produce a new release. The closest thing to being ready was my update to the Star Map window, which adds a boost in functionality and hopefully general usefulness. I have also given the main window a bit of a cleanup - I think it looks a lot smarter now.

Polar Alignment Tool

EQMac includes a polar alignment utility designed to help you achieve a more precise alignment. It will not be as precise as performing a Drift Alignment, but it will be good enough for observing and perhaps good enough for imaging depending on how you feel about polar alignment accuracy.


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